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About Todd

Todd Stashwick was born in Chicago and raised in the suburbs right outside of the city.  As a child he always had one eye on trying to make people laugh and working in Chicago at The Second City. Soon after graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in Theater, he began studying and  performing at  The ImprovOlympic and The Second City. He was quickly hired to tour with The Second City all over the country. He also formed his own Theater company MOVEABLE FEAST where he produced, performed and directed.

Following productions at The Second City Detroit and The Second City Northwest, he moved to New York. In New York he formed a company of improvisers and began staging the underground critically acclaimed BURN MANHATTAN all over the city. (Other performers often included Kate Walsh, Jeremy Piven and Spencer Kayden.)

Work in television and film drew him to Los Angeles where he shot several pilots, series and recurring work. He has been seen in such films as YOU, ME AND DUPREE, SURFER DUDE, THE AIR I BREATHE and LIVE!. The film TO BE FRIENDS , written and directed by Jim Eckhart produced by Aarron Eckhart, has been selected to be Specially Featured in The Boston Film Festival.

Most notably he can be seen as Dale in the FX series THE RICHES opposite Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard. Seasons 1 & 2 available on DVD. He also played the replicating carny Eli on NBC's hit series HEROES. He appeared on a fan favorite episode of the CW hit SUPERNATURAL portraying Bela Lugosi's Dracula which has gotten him invited to conventions here and in the UK. His career has been varied between both comedy and drama, playing villains and monsters in shows like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, BOSTON LEGAL, STAR TREK:ENTERPRISE and all the LAW & ORDER incarnations as well STILL STANDING, DHARMA AND GREG and WILL AND GRACE. He was excited to be part of the Seinfeld reunion episodes of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM as he played NBC president Sandy Goodman.

He has not abandoned his love for improvising and performing and continues to  produce, perform and teach. In 2002 he co-founded the improvisation school The Hothouse STC. He co-created the macabre improvised cabaret THE DOUBTFUL GUESTS which has headlined at the Chicago Improv Festival. He has also taught and performed his style of improvisation internationally. He colloborated with the Liverpool based theater companies Spike and Rejects Revenge on the spontaneous theater show HOOF! He also continues to teach televison and film acting at LESLY KAHN AND COMPANY.

He is expanding his creative goals with LAZY COUGAR, a production company dedicated to bringing original work to many mediums. LAZY COUGAR has co-produced the short film SECRET OF THE BLACK CAT , directed by Oliver Oertel.

LAZY COUGAR is thrilled to launch the web comic strip DEVIL INSIDE. A collaboration with writer/artist Dennis Calero, DEVIL INSIDE is an exciting new direction in storytelling for Todd. He continues to write pilots and screenplays.

In his free time he enjoys surfing, is a vicious cinefile and loves to travel. He has a minor obsession with turn of the century Coney Island. He is an avid gamer and lover of comic books, sci-fi and horror. He married his wife in 1997 in the middle of Times Square with an intimate gathering of friends and family as well as all of New York City. The couple has two children. He's a vegetarian who loves to cook, makes a dynamite red curry. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his family, two cats, two dogs and a bird.

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